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Now You Can play PUBG online For Free

Pub G” is one of the world’s most popular games. There are hardly any of us who have never heard of “Pub G.” Kids or older everyone is eager to play “Pub G.”

Who created the “Pub G”?

They say not a small idea can change your life. Similarly, “Pub Ji” changed one’s life. This is the story of Brandon Green. Brandon was the man who made “PIN B .” There was a time when this man was unemployed. His bank account was completely empty. But then “Pub G” changed his life overnight. Brandon’s story is extremely motivating. ۔

Brandon was born in Ireland. And early in his career, he was a photographer and DJ. At the same time, he was a part-time web designer. That is how Brandon was living his life. There was no special purpose in Brandon’s life. He was fond of photography. And that’s why he decided to go to Brazil. But the difficulties were not alleviated. Ash’s life was filled with difficulties. But these difficulties are opening new paths in our lives. And that’s what happened to Brandon.

Free Play PUBG Online at Game Sumo

Brandon was in Brazil in 2013 and got caught here. His; this money was gone. And he was barely making his living. According to Brandon, he didn’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket. And back to Ireland. That’s why he started collecting money to buy a ticket. He reduced his expenses. And he spends most of his time in his room so that he doesn’t spend more money. That was when he started playing video games so that his time could be spent easily. This is where Brandon learned about online video games. Brandon was no game developer. But his interstate moved in that direction. In 2014 he raised money to buy a plane ticket and returned to Ireland. But Brandon had nothing else to do, so he started making free gaming modes. Brandon loved a Japanese movie. It was also shown in the movie. How some people protect themselves from zombies on an island? Brandon liked this idea. Brandon made a mood of being inspired by the story of the same movie in an online game, “Arma Two.”

Complete Battle Royale Challenges

In 2016, Brandon was approached by a South Korean company, “Blue Hole, and offered to make it his own Beatle Royale game. And so Brandon moved to South Korea for them. “Pub G” means “Player Annon Beetle Field.” “Player in Noon” was actually the name of Brandon. And he named it “Pub G,” and Brandon didn’t look back from here.

In December 2017, “Pub G” was launched for Microsoft Windows. And in 2018 for the PlayStation Xbox. The sales of “Pub G” began to grow so fast that even Brandon was surprised. In a year and a half, the game had booked five million pages, and it was downloaded by over 200 million people on mobile. Brandon’s life has completely changed. You will be amazed at how wealthy Brandon is today. Brandon, who has been living in extreme poverty ever on welfare money, has $ 200 million in net worth today. That is $ 20 million – which is about Rs 32 crore. Today Tandon lives in Amsterdam. And he is 43 years old. But even with this money, he still lives a simple life. In an interview with Business Insider, Brandon said he wants to spend more on his daughter than what he has earned. One thing is clear from the story of Brandon’s life, no matter your age. A small idea and a lot of hard work can change your life at any time. Brandon is an example of that.

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