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How To Get Rid Of Invitations To Play Online Games.

Can a game be so interesting that a human being can play on his own??? These are the questions that forced me to falsify the news about the “Blue Whale” game. Eventually decided to research it. Read the certified reports of various English articles and some francs. The results come out, and I think it’s important to share.

The Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale Game is not usually being promoted on the Android Play Store or Apple’s App Store, but rather the game is being promoted on various social platforms such as “VK,” which may have some rules and regulations. There are no rules. Good and unethical. All kinds of pictures, videos, and games are publicly available. Now, when a user installs a blue whale game with the contents, there is a small the simplest task is to install a C application. As in most games, you may have noticed that there is no recommended installing the application gives you free quince, energies, or diamonds. Likewise, when a task is given in the Blue Wheel, the player can install their betting application by rotating it with a simple task.

The original game starts now their recommended application is, in fact, a virus, which provides all the personal data of your phone to the game developers. You are playing the game and transfer your data in the direct background blackmail is initiated to the user by taking the same personal data. It is given easy tasks first. Slowly difficult. Some of these tasks are difficult to send money to an account number; it can hurt or hurt others. If you don’t, your personal information, photos, and videos are misused. Wigs prefer suicide in such a situation because they see no way out of it. Hackers do not allow them to get out of the game through blackmail; there are tasks that can lead to death by a slight inclination.

The good news, of course, is that recently the game developer was arrested, and at the same time, the game was abolished. The developers say they did so to clean up the world. The addiction of online games is bad, but it is necessary to avoid them. However, if not, use Wi-Fi with iPad, etc. for games that have nothing but games. Email. Address also use any of the below in this tab. Never risk such games on personal data phone.

Get Rid of these Online Game notifications.

In our society, wherever many wrong and hurtful behaviors are found, one attitude is to impose one’s interests on others. The same attitude is seen on social media sites. For example, there are a large number of users on Facebook who play online games with great taste, as well as send invitations to their friends to play their favorite game several times a day. Most people get annoyed with playing these games and their notifications, but they can’t get behind them. Come on! We show you how to get rid of these innovations.

You must be logged in to your Facebook account first to get rid of online game notifications. Click on the triangle in the upper right of your page and select Settings from there. Clicking will open the Settings page. Click the “Blocking” button on the left-hand side of the Settings page and select one of the two options on the next screen. That means it’s up to you to block the application invitations you receive from a particular friend or block a particular application.

For example, if your friend “A” sends you the notification of the online game Candy Crush, you should first name it in the option and if you are sending a notification to play Candy Crush with many friends. You block the application itself using the second option. Of course, by following this method, you will be permanently rescued from online gaming notifications.

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